Fine dining restaurants are different in many aspects, but several similarities define them. One of the things that you will find in fine dining restaurants is a fancy menu that you would not necessarily have in a regular eatery. Some of the things that you will discover in fine dining restaurants are as follows.

Top Rated Wine and Alcohol

The wine selection and alcoholic drinks are well sourced from the best wineries. Some restaurants even import their alcohol from brewers and wineries to pair with the unique food that they cook. It is not uncommon for these establishments to have a sommelier on standby to explain the different types of wine available on the menu and guide people on what they should opt for.

Prix Fixe Menus

Don’t mind the complicated wording. What this simply means is that fine dining restaurants always have a set menu with fixed prices. The chef selects the very best produce, makes it a speciality, and it is put on the menu. That explains why most fine dining restaurants are known for something special and unique. For instance, some will specialise in seafood and add it to the fixed price menu. Others will be recognised for their steak or barbeque dishes.

Fresh Produce Used

Another defining feature of fine dining restaurants is that they use a lot of fresh ingredients. Most of them have contracts with farmers and suppliers who bring them fresh items that will bring out the best flavours in the special meals that they serve. It is therefore common to find the menu full of fresh fruit, desserts and freshly squeezed juices. They also blend the fresh ingredients into their main courses, giving them a unique taste that makes eating at the restaurants worth the extra money that you may have to pay.